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Our responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Because no company can focus purely on its economic performances without taking into account what is going on around it, it is our responsibility to improve relationships with our stakeholders, ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and be involved in the community we work in.


Excerpt from the management’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, by Pascal Mioche:

"AI develops systems dedicated to energy efficiency in industry, is involved in the socioeconomic growth of the community it works in by being involved in associations, competitiveness clusters, local partnerships with schools and helping entrepreneurs. However, corporate social responsibility is only efficient if the entire workforce helps take it on board with passion and pride, in a spirit of sustainable development and continually improved performance."


MASE ("Manuel for improving corporate security") accreditation

MASE is a French management system that aims to help companies continually improve in the fields of health, safety, hygiene and respect for the environment. AI has always placed great importance on the quality of services provided to its clients, as well as the safety of its staff. To continue in this dynamic and to meet challenges to come, we have begun an 18-month program to establish a system. After an audit, we were MASE accredited. This policy helps ensure that we satisfy our clients’ demands in France such as in export and accident avoidance. Our policy will be revised whenever needed to improve the pertinence and efficiency of our system.

 Excerpt from AI management’s MASE commitment, by Pascal Mioche:

“While contributing to the safety of each and every one of us, we provide a better service to our clients through the ever-increasing trust that they will be able to give us”.

AI is committed to:

  • Protecting employees from hazards that threaten their health and safety  
  • Continuously improving hygiene and safety conditions
  • Identifying hazards and evaluating risks
  • Training and certifying employees
  • Recording and analyzing health, safety and environment events
  • Fighting drug and alcohol use
  • Taking feedback and employee experience into account
  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Communication within the company

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“Legend has it that one day, there was a huge forest fire. All the terrified and shocked animals were watching the disaster unfold, powerlessly. Only the hummingbird was keeping busy, fetching drops of water in its beak to throw onto the fire. After a while, the armadillo who was annoyed at all this ridiculous flitting about said, “Humming bird! Are you crazy? You don’t think you’ll put the fire out with those drops of water, do you?” “I know,” replied the humming bird, “but at least I am doing my share”.

Pierre Rahbi













 AI's management is committed to promoting these policies throughout the company and encouraging each employee to participate actively.»