Your turnkey solutions in automation and energy management 


To ensure the best service and offer the most appropriate solutions to meet your needs, AI has developed a network of local, specialized and adaptable partners in France and abroad.

Our partners

A.I est présent à vos côtés tout au long du cycle de vie de vos investissements, depuis l’étude de faisabilité jusqu’à la maintenance opérationnelle.

Specialized partners

AI works on projects with a network of specialized partner companies:

  • Energy management software
  • Electrical studies
  • Construction sites in France and abroad
  • Tertiary electrical installations
  • Industrial electrical installations
  • Transferring processing lines
  • Conveyance mechanics

Local partners

Whether in France or abroad, AI developed a strategy of local partnerships to ensure better service, before, during and after a project.


Thanks to its size and responsiveness, AI developed a particular ability to in find the most efficient partners in related fields.

This adaptability enables us to work with your alternative proposals and usual partners who are familiar with your site.

Point of view of the exports director and airport project manager

Point of view of the exports director and airport project manager

Headquarters, Moirans

What we are looking for above all is to establish mutual trust with our local partners with whom we are working on joint projects. In general, they are electrical integrators who are installers and come and train with us. The challenge is to find an appropriately-sized project, giving us the resources to boost our local partner with on-site safety training in order for the client to be secure on the technical side of the facilities. It is the most efficient way to guarantee an intelligent system and permanent on-site technical service.


« We are not afraid to speak English nor to travel abroad to work on foreign construction sites. We know how to reassure managers and build up their confidence. By refusing the one-shot method, we always aim for a win-win situation. Our aim is to keep our partners.»