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Our values

“We are a service provider company, services of an intellectual nature more precisely. So everything is based on people and their ability to work together. For me, the group result is stronger than the sum of its individual contributions. This is why I clearly define the company's values from the outset, both in-house and to our partners and suppliers. Sharing the company’s values, having a team spirit and being totally transparent, including from managers to employees, are all at the heart of my policy. Reliability, communicating on what we are doing as well as doing what we say we will do. All of this strongly contributes to the development and increasing growth of AI today”.

Pascal Mioche



    Harnessing the creativity of individuals for the success of the team


    For better business responsiveness


    Keeping our commitments


    External and in-house information


    Trust, commitment, ethics and confidentiality


    New solutions, monitoring and knowledge sharing