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Evreux air base 105

Evreux, France

With the renovation project of B.A. 105 lighting equipment in Evreux, AI to modernized the control command and oversight of airfield lighting.

AI workers have completed this project despite a short period of 3 months. The A.I. expertise in control of airfield lighting helped to provide a simplified and intuitive operator interface. 5 supervisors, 1 PLC and 2 control panels were installed to ensure an adapted use for each service and the reliability of the installation.

Control command and oversight of airfield lighting

At the heart of this control system, A.I. men installed a Schneider Premium programmed with Unity. The automatic focus and distributes data from all devices through TCP / IP network. Supervision is composed of 5 PCVue station spread over the base. Commands are entered on two Pro-Face touch-panels installed in the watchtower and in the approach room.

Monitored devices :

  • 13 airfield lighting controllers
  • 20 input/output terminals
  • 2 UPS
  • 4 switches
  • 6 modems
  • 5 PCs
  • 2 touch-panels