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Tramway centralised technical management

Grenoble, France

The SMTC, the public transport society of Grenoble has entrusted the renovation and the extension of the Centralized Technical Management to AI through Bouygues Energies Services.

The current SCADA has been developed under PcVue. The installed computers and servers during the addition of the line C have been out of date.

The application will be extended to integrate the new line which is composed of 7 substations of energy, 6 zones of operation and 13 traveller stations.

SMTC – Centralized Technical Management (CTM)

This project is incorporated within the framework of the construction of the line E and the renovation of the global system of the audio-video transmission. It is necessary to take into account the connexions with the different subsystems, whether it is at the technical level or organitional.

The migration of the system is realised without power cut of the exploitation, a part of the tests will be realised at night.