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Renovation of BMS facilities

Grenoble, France

AI has made the renovation of BMS facilities on a customer industrial site. This project replaced the automatic management of heating / cooling of some buildings on the site.

These facilities are responsible for managing HVAC, energy production and technical alarms. The conduct and the provision of information and alarms monitoring is performed by a dedicated hardware BMS.

The renovated facilities was of a sensitive nature to some, guard (Alarms site), Restaurant (Switching in a very short time), replacement of hydraulic components.

AI took over the entire project and manage the activities of the different actors in the BMS (Electricians, pipe) while performing automation.

These works can now ensure optimal management of the facilities.


This project involved a major challenge at the time of realization of the fact tilt sensitive installations to make "non-operating site."

Technically, the main difficulty lies in the fact that the site does not have the documents analysis facilities to replace AI has, with its rich expertise, functional analyzes made a new offering optimized operation on the basis of the list of Points facilities.

Applying our rigorous "industrial" on this project has led us to be able to provide our customer full DOE (AF, notebook tests, Operator Manual).

To a phase of improving energy efficiency, this project allowed our client to have a precise inventory of the installation.

The course of the project was also a time of sharing with the operation to best meet their needs and site management to discuss areas for improvement and effective action to prioritize optimization.