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Energy management

Energy efficiency studies for Chrafate new city

Rabat, Morocco

AI is the initiator and leader of the project for a study of energy efficiency at the beginning of the development of the new city of Chrafate, designed for 150 000 in 40 years. Study conducted at Al Omrane benefit in relation ADEREE (National Agency for the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Energy), ADEME, H3C-energy and the French embassy at Rabat.
Focused on the buildings, the group studied realistic and large-scale deployment solutions at a time when Morocco is seeking to reduce its energy dependence, sets up a new thermal building regulations and code of energy efficiency.

Project details

This project has received a FASEP funding, donation from the French state in the Moroccan state.

Over 3 years, AI has participated in several conferences as part of POLLUTEC exhibit in Casablanca, in relationship with ADEME (Club ADEME International) and UbiFrance. We conducted a workshop on the proposed solutions with ADEREE and the Ministries of Energy and mines, Housing, Interior, and the General Directorate of Local Authorities.

The main solutions:

  • Definition and methodology for consultations on public lighting market, energy efficiency driven.
  • Energy observatory System in the city, based on the measurement of target buildings. The system wants lasting (40 years), modular, scalable, reliable, easy to deploy and maintain.

For the demonstrator, advanced solutions have been advocated: Building Management for measuring and driving consumption items such as lighting, temperature control, openable, VRV, etc., in a building globally optimized in terms of architecture and design (insulation, openings, shading ...)