Your turnkey solutions in automation and energy management 

The energy industry

Respect for the environment is becoming an increasingly important factor for us all. 

AI’s solutions combine the energy sector’s obligations and constraints to ensure production, distribution and consumption optimization as well as contributing to sustainable development.

AI brings its know-how in automation, supervision and maintenance to hydraulic and solar power plants, wind turbines etc.

Automation requires rigorous methodology to produce a reliable code, which will guarantee optimal facility performance as well as staff safety.

« Our solutions also enable software harmonization of databases as well as remote working.»

AI is involved in:

  • The supervision and monitoring of energy sources
  • The management of alarms and defects
  • The analysis of energy consumption and temperature maintenance
  • Grid, load shedding and auto-regulation systems
  • Thermal and photovoltaic solar panels
  • Electric and hydraulic power plants

AI guarantees:

  • A high level of expertise and knowledge in developing load distribution solutions to ensure 100% safety
  • Swift response by our maintenance team
  • Anticipatory prevention
  • Monitoring via internet
  • An interface with maintenance software