Your turnkey solutions in automation and energy management 

The building and infrastructure industry


From setting temperature instructions to fire detection data reporting as well as lighting control systems, AI helps efficiently and economically manage technical facilities in all types of buildings (tertiary, hotels, hospitals, etc.) and infrastructures (airports, transport, tunnels, etc.)

AI offers operating tools that improve the comfort and efficiency of thermal and electrical systems as well as reduce energy consumption.

Building Management System (BMS) solutions help acquire internal and external climate data in order to ensure an isometric basis for reporting functions, monitoring of internal reactions of the building depending on external conditions, and having a record of your site in order to better anticipate events and manage them.

AI helps identify issues before they occur, when maintenance schedules are being planned and short and long-term facility renewal budgets are being forecast.

« As an integrator, we choose equipment and software that best suit your needs and existing facilities. Our software solutions are easy to modify and adapt to changes: they are highly flexible so you can easily add new facilities and buildings.»

Examples of how we improve comfort and security:

  • Fire detection systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Elevators
  • Video surveillance
  • Humidity management
  • Access control
  • Safety of electrical supply and distribution (MV and LV)

Examples of how we reduce energy consumption and increase comfort:

  • Lighting tailored to needs
  • Heating, ventilation and HVAC air-conditioning systems
  • Automatic watering
  • Energy distribution and control
  • Load shedding, load balancing and loop configuration
  • Common Ethernet network to share phones, TVs, networks and other services all in the same infrastructure, which reduces costs…