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EDF - Preliminary studies for

EDF - Preliminary studies for "Renouv'eau" project

Within the framework of the "Renouv'eau" project, AI conducts a campaign of preliminary studies of 230 hydraulic plants in France.

This campaign of audit is called: “Les Etudes Préliminaires MSH”.

The objectives of these studies are to:

  • Define the perimeter of the revamping
  • Estimate its cost.
  • Centre the means to be planned
  • Collect information for the other cross-functional projects.
EDF - Projet Renouv'eau - IHM kit and material control

EDF - Projet Renouv'eau - IHM kit and material control

The Renouv'eau project includes the renovation of the control system for hydro-electric power plants. In this context, A.I. is helping to develop a standard industrial supervision.

EDF wishing to renovate more than 400 power plants in France, this standard was designed as a kit to be delivered to businesses responsible for the renovations.

This kit consists of a standard supervision, tools to automatically generate diagrams from data controllers, and a detailed documentation to assist project managers and developers.

EDF - Flow water collect

EDF - Flow water collect

In order to increase the profitability of water collecting in mountain for the hydroelectric plants, the CIH (Center of Hydraulic Engineering) started the PEA project which consists in instrument every significant flow water collect, everywhere in France, in order to have information in real time on their status (water level in gallery, positions of the valves, grids stopped etc…). The automatism commissioning part of this project was entrusted to the A team.

EDF - Demodulation pool

EDF - Demodulation pool

Pool of demodulation of the hydro-electric plant of La Bâthie:
In order to exploit the groups more quickly and efficiently, a pool of demodulation and control valves are arranged on the tailrace of the plant. This channel drains turbined water in the river Isere.
AI has designed, developed and implemented on the site the automation and the associated HMI.

The pool acts as a buffer stock during the start up phase and the valve regulates the flow in the trailrace which flows into Isère.

EDF - Renewal of remote control system for Pont de Claix plant, group part

EDF - Renewal of remote control system for Pont de Claix plant, group part

The renewal of the remote control system of EDF Pont de Claix plant consisted in replacing the PLC cabinets put in place in 1956 (date of commissioning of the plant), by a set of cabinets including PLCs and instrumentation. These cabinets are connected to a supervisor (Graphic Control Interface) running with Windows. AI worked in support of the responsible of operation (agent EDF) for the holders supplies control, the organization and testing on a platform, as well as the coordination of on-site testing between actors: EDF services of expertise, commissioning and operating, and market incumbents. Alongside this work, the turbine has been completely dismantled and revised by the EDF mechanical maintenance service.

EDF - Renovations on Kembs dam

EDF - Renovations on Kembs dam

1/. AI took part to the renovation of the computing systems of the hydraulic plants driving centre ("CCH") of the Rhine Valley, in Kembs, and notably the interfaces and the monitoring system.

A PLC acquires local alarm signals. Those alarms are displayed and recorded in the "GAAS" monitoring system ("GAAS" stands for Management of Alarms and Access Control).

The PLC also enables acquiring and exchanging flow and level measures of the Rhine and its tributaries.

The project, directed by EDF, enabled to replace old stations by new generation ones.

The monitoring system and the PLC were designed to be redundant.