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Water & sanitation

Water & sanitation

Challenges about public health, environment and security

General challenges:

Follow carrefully the regulations of operational datas to optimize the service reliability and continuity of effluents teatments and to guaranty a round the clock network exploitation. 

In France, water operators are considered as very sensible and important to care about in terms of security. It is very important to supply them a standard system to protect their facilities against cyber attacks.

Water challenges:
  • Supply users with optimum quality drinking water,
  • Improve the supply quality while allowing a better supply capacity,
  • Regulary improve networks and implementations.
Sanitation challenges:
  • Improve the quality and quantity of treated waters, to reduce bad effects on the environment of treated waters rejections. This is why following carrefully regulations is very important.
  • Strongly reduce the smell and times of olfactory impacts.
  • Préserve and protect wellfields,
  • Monitor the groundwater to not polluate drinking water.

« Drinking water infrastructures have to follow the demografic and industrial development.

Traceability and transparence concern involve sanitation manufacturers to rely on information and communication new technologies.»

What we propose

Our services include partial or full refurbishment of your facilities to the tunkey implementation of the control and command batch.

« Goals are to modernise, make sustainable and to make available facilities through the implementation of new technologies in order to make easier and safe the exploitation and  maintenance.»

Our added value

We are able to supply:

  • A control and command system that is uniform and implemented until business intelligence,
  • A flexible architecture allowing the system extention respecting the existing system,
  • New technologies implementation while keeping the current exploitation methods of the implementation by the staff,
  • A modern system allowing real time installations operation.
  • A full-time support, every days with implementations and maintenance contracts.

« Our turnkey services offer to operators safe and easy multi-users operation.»

Our references

Heavy water management

In order to assure maintenance and sensors addition, the international research center must periodically replace the water of the water cooling system of their reactor.

In the framework of their project of the heavy water reactor management, the institute chose to entrust the development of the automation to AI. The aim of...

Mali energy - MES international, pumping station and treatment of drinking water

AI has made on behalf of the national operator Energie du Mali, and in relation with MES international, the renovation of pumping stations and treatment of drinking water in cities SAN and GAO, with:

  • On-site investigations as pre-studies
  • Studies of automation and electrical engineering, energy measurements, starters
  • The

AQUAPOLE plant extention (1996-2016)

Grenobloise (LA METRO) chose Euro System to renovate the network command and control and the process automation of the waste water plant "Aquapole".

the first renovation were realised in 1996.

Those works aim to make reliable and safe the traitment process, and to optimize and extend it.

Eric Savary view

Eric Savary view

Euro System business manager

« The connection of the two companies specialized in automation is an opportunity to the new group to position itself more seriously in some markets in France and abroad. Among these markets we find water and sanitation, the HVAC, the CMMS...

We also aim to take advantage of this mergering to develop in new international markets in Europe and to streghten our position in other countries like Saudi Arabia or Maghreb.»