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Control and command system

Big transport infrastructures (tramway, tunels...) need control and command systems because of the complexity of the unification of several technical batches and the big quantity of information to manage. 

Automatique & Industrie work in transport infrastructures

From realisation to reception on site, AI intervene with its know-how for project managers, final clients or electrician integrators.

« Tramway management systems are based on supervision systems and a full network architecture.

This allows to transport companies to follow and check the effective functionning of their instalations and systems.»

Maintenance skills involve new contracts

« Our structure of third party maintenance allows us to work on more and more various projects.»

Our references

Tramway centralised technical management

The SMTC, the public transport society of Grenoble has entrusted the renovation and the extension of the Centralized Technical Management to AI through Bouygues Energies Services.

The current SCADA has been developed under PcVue. The installed computers and servers during the addition of the line C have been out of


Highway tunnels - Conception and development of generic tools in automation

AI has been contracted for the design and development of generic automation objects for ventilation and energy applications (LV/HV) as part of the overhaul of the centralized technical management system for tunnels on the A8 highway. The system enables the delivery of longitudinal ventilation, LV distribution, and constant HV power.


Integration of anti-squealing power of tramway stations

AI acts on behalf of SEMITAG, in the frame of a project consisting in integrating anti-squealing power stations to the existing BMS.
These plants are used to grease the rails of the tramway in the city center to avoid the unpleasant screeching noise for nearby

Tecnical leader Third Party Maintenance (TPM)

Tecnical leader Third Party Maintenance (TPM)

TPM support transport field BMS

« TPM propose maintenance contract to help transport companies to keep in good operational conditions their BMS (Building Management System) supervision, and also make it evolve with new stations or equipments adding.

The goal is to always keep runnnig, efficient and update supervision system.»