Your turnkey solutions in automation and energy management 

Renewable energies & hydroelectricity

Renewable energies & hydroelectricity

Commissioning and maintenance of plants operation


Energy transition involved in France and internationally after the COP21, brought to introduce more and more renewable energy: hydroelectricity, solar, eolian, biomass).

« We offer our skills and expertise in consulting as well as commissioning and maintenance, to make easier the operation of renewable energies plants.»

Know how

We realise different kind of services:

  • Centrales photovoltaiques et éoliennesPMA (Project Management Assistant) for the control and command of energy production systems,
  • Control and command and supervision implementations on production means (diferent hydroelectric sizes, solar plant, eolian plant, …),
  • Maintenance in operational condition of automated systems,
  • Third Party Maintenance on plants' automation and supervision,
  • Reporting of energy production,
  • Safety via energy process.

Barrage hydroélectrique


Our part in hydroelectricity is to realize the plants'cautomation and supervision. On large scale-projects, we operate for key accounts in projects assistance and in technical projects management.



« Our multi skills and multi servics team allows to answer to all the needs to optimise the exploitation all along your energy production plants' life.»

Our added value

We propose customed offers, adapted to all production plant sizes:

  • Remote control modernisation,
  • Control and command renovation,
  • Development of supervisors on plants,
  • Development of supervision standards,
  • Automatisation,
  • Improvement operation management,...

« Our strong knowledges about sustanaible development stakes and fight against global warming make us proud of contribuating to the renewable energy introduction.»

Our references

TPM contract for photovoltaic power plant monitoring systems

Since 2012, AI has worked with the service division of a major company in the electricity and energy management industries, in order to maintain the monitoring systems of some 60 photovoltaic power plants in France, on the Reunion and Mayotte


EDF - Maintenance in Operating Conditions (MOC)

France is a country that has long exploited its hydraulic potential. The majority of these installations (water intakes, power generating units, dams, etc.) have been automated since the end of the 1970s, which represents for the "UP Alpes" (Alps Production Unit) a fleet of about 600 machines or...

Consulting in photovoltaic monitoring specifications

AI's customer manage and maintain several solar photovoltaic power plants with SCADA’s (PLC and monitoring) and PI a data logger tool.

In the context of the photovoltaic parc growth and the heterogeneity of the SCADAs, AI was in charge of the evolution of the monitoring part of the specifications for new PV plants.

A development engineer and project manager's point of view

A development engineer and project manager's point of view

Headquarters in Moirans & Toulouse agency

We have a multitude of skills available in the company (in industrial IT, automation etc.) Each team member has one or more specializations, which allows us to meet all needs related to the customer's monitoring system and provide expert support when needed.

When the customer does not have the workload needed to reach a critical size, outsourcing via a TPM contract proves to be the right solution.

« We maintain our staff's skills and manage the transfer of software and application knowledge, and we train several employees to answer requests efficiently and within very short deadlines.»