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Smart buildings, the context

Our role

The Smart building gather the whole control system that we can find in buldings:

  • BMS : lighting, window shade, heating, ventillation and air conditionning...
  • BMS or hypervision : wastes, lifts, water, …
  • EMS : counting, loop configuration, power cut, monitoring, …
  • Often interconnected with: access control, videosurveillance, fire safety, CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system)...

« This field allow us to explore and apply more and more advanced technologies as: IOT / BIM / Data scientist / or even the Smart City !»

Our know-how

The professional skills of Automatique & Industrie and Euro System are transverse and allow us to intervene on different technologies:

  • Heating, ventillation and air conditionning,
  • Supervision and regulation,
  • Electrical management system, building management system,
  • revamping.

« Our know-how is our ability to propose you a coherant whole by integrating heterogene products and master the used technologies.»

Energy management for buildings

We also propose energy otimizing reports allowing to the decision makers and to the technical services to check the proper functionning of their facilities.

We propose to:

  • Realise a statement of the facilities functionning,
  • Realise hydraulic, electric and aerolic measurement campains.
  • Realise an assessment of your energy consumption.
  • Define optimization solutions.
  • Quantify possible energy and financial savings.
  • Determine the potenial for an energy saving certification.
  • Evaluate the investment budget.

« These studies of enegy optimization aim to give all precisions in order to improve the well functionning of HVAC facilities thanks to an energy savings plan.»

Our references

Control and command of royal settlements electric supply

AI worked with two international tenders on the “Electrical Monitoring and Control System” for royal settlements in Saudi Arabia.

12 sites installed: LHPR (luxury Hotel), Janadria site, Riyhad palace, ORB (conference room), Al Salam palace, army training center...


Prison of St Quentin Fallavier

The penitentiary of St Quentin Fallavier choses Automatique & Indusrie to update its supervision system with the aim of adding the familial unit.

Indeed, the supervision application developed and the PLC program have to be modified to add the new familial unit.

Building Management System - AI's headquarter

The aim of the project is to realize the Building Management System (BMS) and Energy Managment of AI’s headquarters in St-Jean-de-Moirans (FRANCE).

This building have been constructed to follow the growth of AI and satisfies the new French norm “BBC” (Low Consumption Building).

The BMS of Automatique & Industrie’s headquarters will ensure optimal function modes for the...

Project manager

Project manager


« Through our long experience in automation implementation, Industrial Information Technology systems and maintenance, we developed several tecnical skills: electricity supply, HVAC, batch process, water network management, water treatment, airport system...»