Your turnkey solutions in automation and energy management 



Engineering and integration of turnkey solutions for green and efficient airports.


For 25 years, Automatique & Industrie has specialized in engineering, development and integration of automated solutions and SCADA systems in airports.

« With more than 150 references around the world and 70% of the French market, AI solutions are flexible, open, nonproprietary and scalable. They can adapt to small regional airports all the way to international CAT IIIb airports.

AI can cater to your priorities across different fields, from transport to water or energy management, etc.»

Current activities

Inside terminals (non-exhaustive list):

  • Automation and supervision of all terminal equipment and units and complete solutions including technical centralized management and BMS,
  • Energy efficiency solutions,
  • Baggage handling system,
  • Control and supervision of high and low voltage (fire, network, IT, access controls...),
  • Automation cabinet and electrical work,
  • Cyber security,
  • Big datas and artificial intelligence.

Airside solutions outside terminals and in control towers (non-exhaustive list):

  • Control and supervision of AIRFIELD LIGHTING SYSTEMS,
  • Supervision of Air Traffic Control (radios, weather forecast, aids to navigation...),
  • Closed-circuit television, video surveillance, information systems, safety;
  • Storage infrastructures coordination,
  • Hydrants coordination,
  • Energy sources coordination (supply and treatment of water, gas, photovoltaic...),
  • Control and supervision of high voltage,
  • A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System).

Green Airport solutions

AI has the technical capabilities and expertise to successfully implement airport energy management projects, guaranteeing seamless integration with existing  systems.

Main products and services:

  • Smart and big data analysis,
  • Predictive Models,
  • Quality data analysis,
  • IoT and cybersecurity,
  • Energy-saving Building Management Systems,
  • HVAC energy optimisation,
  • Consulting services,
  • Turnkey  integration on-site,
  • Employee and staff Sustainability Training Program,
  • Energy management software.

« We work with a network of well-established partners in order to offer package turnkey solutions.»

Our references

Control & Command of the hydrant network- Jeddah Airport

The authorities of Saudi Arabia have decided in 2011 the extension of the King Abdulaziz International Airport and the associated investment of $ 30 billion.

The airport will consequently be able to welcome 43 million passengers.

The engineering company specialized in the sector airport Almabani  has entrusted to AI a complete mission for engineering and realization of a...

Electrical airports supervision in Africa

AI entrusted the  realization of the centralized electrical supervision of the airports of Mvengue ( Gabun), Cotonou ( Benin) and Garoua ( Cameroon).

The supervision aims at watching and recording all the events of the electric distribution LV and HV of the site as well as the gensets, the UPS and the chargers. The supervision...

Ground lighting system for Bourget Airport

The project's goal is the full renovation of the ground lighting system of Bourget airport.

The airport is made of three runways. Our experience in airport field allowed us to propose specific tecnical solutions to answer to complex operation processes.

This project has been managed closely...

A project manager’s point of view

A project manager’s point of view

Headquarters, Moirans

Studies and development are usually carried out in headquarters and agencies. In the airport industry, safety is crucial. The airport is operating when we run tests, so the controller has to keep an eye on the ground lighting at all times to solve issues if necessary.

« The controller's agreement is requested for any work done on the ground lighting. If the weather is bad, the work is postponed.»