Your turnkey solutions in automation and energy management 

Personalized support

Deploying automated systems requires expert knowledge more and more and through a broad and various range of areas. We must continually improve our business responsiveness, flexibility and reliability.

We can personally provide support thanks to our staff, who is qualified to help you and answer any questions.

AI also provides support for implementation, where and when you need it.

« AI’s staff provide you with extra experience for your procedures and technologies.»

  • Adaptability

  • Listening

  • Autonomy

  • Responsiveness

  • Innovation

  • Expertise

  • Proximity

  • Performance

  • Being professional

  • Flexibility

A project manager’s point of view

A project manager’s point of view

At headquarters (Moirans, France)

Personally, I think that the notion of service is a real partnership with our clients. It allows them to achieve their targets by joining forces with us.

Working within the clients’ teams enables us to change our outlook, better understand our clients’ constraints and learn more about their processes. Moreover, these services allow us to discover companies from the inside, their methods, organization, trade, experiences etc. A large variety of jobs can be undertaken, we don’t have time to be bored!

This activity means, by definition, adapting our « automation » expertise to each client according to their needs. Indeed, a client could require project management assistance while another might need a technical study, an on-site system integration etc.

I see 2 essential advantages of AI over our competitors:

1. The collaborative innovation set up at AI over several years allows each employee to learn from others’ experience. Our clients benefit from a large knowledge base through a single efficient staff member..

2. As much as possible, and especially with important clients or large projects, AI doesn’t only provide individual resources, but offers a genuine organization. I would add that even if the « AI compatible » employee works alone in a company (more often than not), AI’s values are applied for better client satisfaction. 

« Of course, nothing is indispensable, but AI's experience in a multitude of processes allows our clients to benefit from our specific know-how and cutting-edge expertise in order to define their solution in the best way possible.»