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An external point of view is often helpful when assessing needs, determining the feasibility of a project and managing it.

Automatique et Industrie (AI) helps its clients define their needs at every stage of the project, based on its collaborators’ experience:

Feasibility studies, writing up specifications, master plans, contracting, project management, technical expertise, etc.

« AI will help you find the necessary solutions, suppliers and partners, will draw up a budget and will also, if you'd like, carry out your project.»

An expert’s point of view

An expert’s point of view

Technical support at Schneider Electric

Drawing on our staff's experience, we advise our clients during all stages of their projects, from assessing needs to maintaining operational conditions at their facilities. Client needs depend on people's experience and the way they function as an organization. Our work first involves talking to the client to figure out during which stages of the project our experience will bring about the recommended added value.

When advice is insightful, timely and used to carry out a project, it shows that relations with the customer are good, that chosen working methods are satisfactory and that all resources were deployed to successfully carry out the project. In these cases, we are always left with a feeling of accomplishment and are happy that this results in long-term and trusting relationships with our clients.

« For the future, we need to do our best to keep up with the technological and methodological innovations of our industry.»