Your turnkey solutions in automation and energy management 

Our guarantees and commitments

We guarantee our customers that:
  • Staff is available to get to your sites both in France and abroad
  • Deadlines are met thanks to flexible organization and fast decision-making
  • Our solutions are simple and efficient
  • Safety features (preventive measures, testing, hygiene, amenities, etc.) are set up for AI staff and customers
  • We take special measures to protect the environment (waste sorting and recycling, reducing energy consumption, “0 paper” goal, transport solutions etc.)
  • AI employees are trained and insured in order to guarantee successful commissioning:

« The human scale of our company allows us to adapt to all kinds of organizations. Our partnership network in peripheral trades enables us to offer global solutions to our clients through a single point of contact.»

  • Electrical certification training, with the B2V-BR-H0 index

  • Chemical certification training

  • Safety and prevention training

  • Professional liability insurance (certificate available upon request)

  • Aeronautics professional liability insurance

  • Individual liability insurance and repatriation of staff for their travels

AI is MASE certified

The quality of services that AI provides for its clients has always been of great importance to AI, as well as the safety of its staff. In order to continue in this dynamic process and respond to upcoming new challenges, …



Our responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Because no company can focus purely on its economic performances without taking into account what is going on around it, it is our responsibility to improve relationships with our