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Production chain of carbon blocks renewing

Vénissieux, France

AI has been entrusted by the company of cathode manufacturing, to renovate the entire chain automation machining carbon blocks at its plant.
The entire lineup of the 6 PLCs, digital control and the industrial computer part (SCADA and tracking interface) was performed on this project. More electrical modifications (adding additional automation cabinet, resumption of power, machine safety) were made under contract with a partner electrician.
The results of this renovation were reached: productivity, simplified maintenance, scrap rate divided by 5.

Carbone Savoie

The machine has been repatriated from Brazil. A total revamping of the code portion automation has been considered. AI did a reverse engineering before re-propose a functional analysis in good and due form and thereafter the total development control systems, HMI, supervision and commissioning associated.
The project combines Automation, CNC, industrial supervision and specific developments.
Testing and commissioning industrial have been done in record time.