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Taïf airport

Taïf, Saudi Arabia

Thanks to its presence in Saudi Arabia for the power management of royal infrastructures, AI has been given the renovation project of the control and monitoring system of 4 airports.
The difficulty of this project was to design an identical operation and ergonomics for all sites to the attention of customers having different needs.

The experience of AI in the airport field has permitted to make this project with intuitive interfaces to facilitate as much as possible its use by operators.

Spécificités techniques

At the heart of this control system, AI men installed one PLC programmed. The PLC focuses and distributes data from all devices through networks. Commands are entered on two Station in Server/Client configuration. One station is installed in the control tower, the other in the sub-station.

An optical loop transmits information from the control tower to the equipment.

The interfacing system is possible over new equipments.