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Renewable energies

Integration of an energy management system

Beaurepaire, France

A company specialized in aluminum discs, involved in the production of aerosols.

The factory includes several aluminum furnaces and annealing ovens which are high gas-consuming machines. Therefore they want to manage their energy consumptions efficiently.

Within this context, Automatique & Industrie was in charge of integrating new gas counters in the factory, developing applications to interact with their GPAO and process SCADA and also developing an energy management software.

Détails du projet

« Gas counting » 

The energy counting plant is composed of 9 gas counters, 9 radio transmitters, a centralizer PLC and an energy management software.

The energy management application was developed with the MIV software. It presents the gas consumptions of each oven and other utilities, the comparison on different periods and the consumption forecast in kWh.