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Automation factory testing on inteconnected platforms

Montbonnot, France

EDF launched in early 2009 the strategic phase of the project on third year inspections slices bearing 1,300 MW (P4 and P'4). EDF-CIPN asked AI engineers EDF links.
(Office study of proximity and / Engineer EDF occasionally) With the role:

• To participate as an observer in functional tests performed by AREVA.
• They are responsible for monitoring the progress of factory testing and maintain a dashboard losses generated during these tests.
• It ensures that the indices of the procedures that are performed by the supplier correspond to validated by BPE EDF procedures and schedule web test is met.
• Establish a nightly technical assessment tests followed during the day at the local coordinator. It fills a test report for each test procedures followed.

Project details

Monitoring of factory testing of control systems interconnected control M2C platform for VD3 1300

Lot M2C (Modernization Command Control) includes:
  • The hardware and software renovation of command control heart (CO3) compounds equipment GLR RPN and RPR.
  • The hardware and software renovation of RIC-Ebulliometer,
  • The adaptation of computer RIC Feeds, taking into account changes in safety under the review of ten safety.
 • Taking into account functional changes, creating a new KCF system, the development and implementation of HMI systems and local municipality (FMC).