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Energy management

Information systems and energy management for the aeronautic industry

Europe, France

A large company from the aeronautic industry deployed a corporate energy efficiency strategy to all its European sites. The software eSight Energy was then selected as a common tool for electric, gas and water consumption analysis. AI was a trusted advisor to Astrium by helping the Energy Manager.

The solution integrated into the BMS managed entire web access parameters and had various features (energy and financial analysis, automated reports, alarms, billing…) in order to measure energy savings, identify drifts, analyze equipment, etc.

eSight Energy Installation and Configuration

AI completed eSIght Energy software installation and the entire configuration (incorporation of building and meters, communication with the BMS established on the site in order to get consumption data). Moreover, we also integrated data usage history.

AI experts also participated in councils for the selection of analyses and reports to be distributed to effectively manage energy.