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Control/command ground lighting & baggage handling system - Bamako airport

Bamako, Mali

Within the context of the new passenger terminal, AI implemented a new and secured Remote control Solution for the airfield lighting system and the Electrical Supervision (Vaults, Technical rooms, NAVAIDS, Electrical power station,…).

Our long skilled experience in the airport sector allows us to implement a system following the common architecture rules on the ASECNA airports in Africa.

Next, AI, already widely present in Mali, won a contract to integrate automation and supervision of the baggage handling system of the new terminal of Bamako, and for the achievement of cabinets and installation on site.

Control command of Bamako Airport

At the heart of this control system, AI men installed two Schneider PREMIUM programmed with Unity, one for the remote control, the other for the supervision. The automatic focus and distributes data from all devices through TCP / IP network. Commands are entered on a button panel connected to a remote I/O communicate with the PLC in MODBUS TCP/IP. The PLC for the supervision focus data from the same network.

Monitored devices:

  • 12 airfield lighting controllers
  • 6 input/output terminal
  • 1 Supervision computer
  • 2 generators
  • others equipments, like : UPS, Charger, electrical cabinet…
A development technician's point of view

A development technician's point of view

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