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Vatry Châlons en Champagne Europort, Paris-Vatry airport

Vatry, France

Vatry Châlons en Champagne Europort is a new multimodal freight-only platform at the crossroads of major global air routes.
A studies company chose AI to provide the ground lighting control system and the electrical supervision system for the airport.
AI successfully worked to a very tight deadline, rolling out the systems on-site in just three weeks.

The renovation and modernization of the control and monitoring system of the Paris-Vatry airport were assigned to AI by the manager.
In addition, AI built a total new management of the stop bars system which was of an obsolete technology.

Technical specificities

As usual, AI has developed very intuitive applications and simple of use supervision. A.I rewrote the programs in order to make the system faster and above all more reliable. Three supervisors and the 4 CPUs were replaced. Two automated stop bars have been removed.
The 4 CPUs of the 4 Premium PLCs Schneider which were under PL7 and communicated through Unitelway were replaced by new Unity processors integrating the Protocol Jbus-TCP/IP management.

The inter-PLC communication uses the optical fiber network installed for the occasion. The stop bar system has been redesigned (the old PLCs have been removed) and its management has been incorporated in the various stations.

The supervision of the remote control system (those of the tower and the electrical room) were carried out with the new graphic A.I has developed.

The electrical supervision (which also provides remote control system feedback) has been modified to bear the new communication protocol and integrate the new management of the stop bars.