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AI - Airfield Lighting - ATC Tower Systems

Founded in 1985, AI is committed to providing the best possible design and integration services for automated systems for airports, infrastructure and industry. [...]

Airfield ground lighting control and monitoring systems

AI has over two decades' experience in developing, engineering and installing control and supervision systems for airfield ground lighting. AI can also control and monitor other equipment or systems such as weather monitoring, VOR/DME, navigation aids, monitoring and control, ILS, CAT III monitor, supply, video surveillance, and maintenance systems.


Flexible airfield lighting control systems

AI solutions are compatible with all types of ground lighting equipment currently on the market (including regulators and individual lamp control modules). AI equipment can interface with existing control and monitoring equipment.

Customised airfield ground lighting control systems

Choose from AI's three product lines (which correspond to three types of applications) and select specific add-ons to meet your unique needs.

HMI and redundant systems for airfield lighting control equipment

AI ensures your equipment operators and maintenance staff are able to complete their work safely. Built on PLC architecture with traditional or industrial PC platforms, our solutions include all types of HMI and redundant systems to ensure complete safety at an airport. We guarantee that no airfield lighting black-out can be initiated by our system.

The other main features of our system are:

  • Fast action - less than 1s for command transmission
  • Traceability and data-logging
  • Proven industrial solution
  • PLC architecture with strong reliability and world-renowned suppliers (e.g. Schneider, WAGO and OMRON)
  • Open solution that is easy to upgrade or modify
  • All components are off-the-shelf and spare parts are thus available anywhere in the world for at least ten years after commissioning
  • Standard solution for several airports
  • Redundant and emergency back-up solutions
Runway marking command-control system

In order to make installing your runway marking command-control system even easier, AI can also send experts to your facility to set up your new system in just a few weeks.

Turnkey airport engineering projects

We work on our clients' projects with a network of established partners to provide turnkey projects in the following fields:

  • Airport engineering
  • Intelligent solutions for baggage sorting at airports
  • Automated material handling system
  • Airport information system
  • Public address systems
  • Air navigation aids
  • Electrical works

European references include Zadar (Croatia), Larnaca (Cyprus), Bezmer (Bulgaria), Baneasa (Romania), Debrecen (Hungary), and Vatry, Saint Yan, Bordeaux, Nice, Dole, Lyon, Lille, Auxerre and Pau (France).

Other worldwide references include Polynesia, Reunion Island, Cayenne, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Martinique, Guadeloupe, New Caledonia, Sanaa (Yemen), Tehran (Iran), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Aleppo (Syria), Manila (the Philippines), Montevideo (Uruguay), Djibouti (Djibouti), Garoua (Cameroun), Melbourne (Australia), ADCO (Emirates), Nanosny (Azerbaijan), Bata (Equatorial Guinea), Libreville (Gabon), Dakar (Senegal), Bongkot (Thailand) and Janadria (Saudi Arabia).


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