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Energy management

Energy management

Personalized support to help manage your energy consumption


Automatique & Industrie specializes in energy management, regulation, monitoring and consumption reduction.

« Energy consumers (manufactures, buildings or infrastructures), need to manage properly their spendings in energy due to economic, societal and regulation pressure.»

What we offer

Spirit of innovation

Our R&D program to improve energy efficiency in manufacturing offers the latest technical and methodological innovations to our clients.


AI has been working on energy efficiency projects for more than 10 years and a large amount of feedback allows us to avoid difficulties and traps.


We integrate software from several editors to offer the solution that best fits your needs. Our solutions are always open.

Hands-on knowledge

We are hands-on men and women, available and attentive to your needs, and we pride ourselves in making sure our work matches your expectations.

« Our expertise in energy management focus on acquisition, gathering, storage and treatment of energy datas. 

We are active in preliminary draft (measuring system audit), in implementation (metering plan, gathering datas from energy management software), and also in maintenance of the system (hotline, third party maintenance, trainings...).»

Our added value

AI helps reach your goals:

  • To be efficient in publishing reports for single or multi-sites. Energy, financial and environmental reports.
  • To be responsive in detecting and correcting consumption drifts.
  • To effectively manage energy in your units and industrial facilities.
  • To identify precise measures and easily give value to them.
  • To optimize your energy contracts.

Therefore, you can know the exact consumption profile of your equipment and you can get your return on investment very quickly.

« The challenge is to save money without compromising the performance of installations and with minimum investment.»

Our references

Energy management of the Annec-Geneva hospital center

The Annecy-Genevois Hospital Center choses Automatique & Industrie again to manage the energy of its buildings.

Indeed,  during tests, the functionnement of the condensators batteries was not in adequation with the center needs.

That is why modifications were applied on the PLC program...

eSight Energy training for a pharmaceutical industrial

As part of an effort to improve energy performance in accordance with the requirements of ISO50001 certification, a pharmaceutical company wanted to use a software tool to perform analyses such as consumptions.

The company chosed the eSight Energy software. The users want to have a full training program in order to


Information systems and energy management for the aeronautic industry

A large company from the aeronautic industry deployed a corporate energy efficiency strategy to all its European sites. The software eSight Energy was then selected as a common tool for electric, gas and water consumption analysis. AI was a trusted advisor to Astrium by helping the Energy Manager.

The solution

An energy efficiency engineer's point of view

An energy efficiency engineer's point of view

Headquarters, Moirans

Nowadays, energy should not be considered as always available and as a fixed cost on the balance sheet that is never questioned. Facing the increasing cost of energy, ever stricter regulations, environmental concerns, etc. energy has become an additional raw material to manage and a cost center that must not be endured, but controlled! Efficient energy management requires an effective energy information and management system (from sensors to software tools).

« Our team will help you optimize your metering plan and provide you with a solution that meets your needs and allows to you run operations on your own.»