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AI offers open-source solutions and trains you to operate your systems and make them evolve. This will allow you to acquire a level of independence and freedom which we will define together at the start of the project.

For overseas projects, AI can also train local partners and take care of maintaining your applications and making them evolve.

« Training will enable you to be more autonomous on your sites, to understand how your facilities work and to define your requirements in greater detail.»

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A project manager’s point of view

A project manager’s point of view

In charge of various automation and supervision training programs at our headquarters and abroad

Training at AI is mainly technical, aiming to provide autonomy to our clients and partners in the fields of automation and supervision. As experience is non- nontransferable, training is ensured by instructors who work on concrete subjects on a daily basis and who have extensive experience in implementation. The goal is to allow trainees to either understand how their facilities work and potentially maintain them, or to be able to write automation and supervision instructions.

Participants come from diverse technical backgrounds, engineers or maintenance technicians, in-house design departments etc.

I think this training offer is essential for our clients. It provides them with very targeted knowledge on their applications. For example for a project, we will use the project developments produced for the client as training material. We do a lot of hands-on training which gives immediate autonomy to our clients. We also offer more generic training to deal with automation and supervision. In this case, I rely on a process simulator to provide a more concrete dimension to the training subject.

It is a job that requires interpersonal skills, technical knowledge and the desire to pass it on. Training sessions always bring about enthusiastic times of sharing with participants, even though there’s always the risk of getting stuck on a difficult question. It is also a great satisfaction to pass on knowledge and feel that your teaching has been understood.

Training sessions always bring about cultural and technical development. I learn the trainees’ methods and take into account their expectations in order to meet them within the project.

I think the amount of training sessions will evolve naturally as business grows and automation solutions get increasingly complex.

« During training sessions or project management support, I often hear clients say they would like to have the opportunity to understand their systems precisely, not to do our job, but to be able to define a need and have a technical discussion with their supplier.»