Your turnkey solutions in automation and energy management 

  • The company announces its new contract in hydrant supply management of the new Djedda airport in Saudi Arabia. AI will do the Engineering, Studies, Development and Implementation of a complete automation Hydrant system in partnership with a main Electrical and Mechanical Local Contractor. The implementation demands strong expertise in engineering in respect with safety restrictions. In its final stage, this airport will receive 80M of passengers. To compare, Roissy airport (Paris), receives...
  • Since february 2014, Automatique & Industrie participates to the redaction of the ISO50001 standard. AI is part of the expert group of two French standardization committees that gather each month: “Energetic audit and energy management” “Calculation of energy savings and energy efficiency” The AI’s energy experts participate to meetings and think ahead about the European and International issues of these topics. This aims to help organizations, whatever their activity is, to...
  • Airport SCADA systems

    For efficient and green airports.

  • BMS systems

    For more energy-efficient and confortable buildings.

  • Energy efficiency in the industry

    For companies wanting to manage efficiently their consumptions.

  • Automated systems development in industries

    For more efficient plants and better working conditions.

  • AI goes on its international growth


    international club member

  • Plimsoll
    Award of the 2014 outstanding company

  • Signatory of the French diversity charter
    To guaranty equity in the company

  • 10%

    of turnover for R&D

  • Michael Page
    Human ressources award

  • Among the 30th best French players in energy efficiency

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • ISO50001
    Present in energy efficiency national and international expert groups

  • AI's headquarter moved offices

All of our professions

Because customer' satisfaction must be a priority, we propose the services our customers need.

We provide our technical and intellectual knowledge in each of our professions: consulting, integration, training and services.

Our professions

All of our references

Automatique & Industrie customers are airports, industries, buildings and infrastructure in France and abroad.

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Our specific expertise

We offer turnkey solutions adapted to our customer’s needs and their facilities through specific skills in which AI is expert.

Our 3 areas of activities

AI supports you at all stages of your projects, from the feasibility study, to maintenance once your system is up and running.

Buildings and infrastructure

By global turnkey solutions and opened architectures, AI offers you tools and the expertise that your projects need in buildings and infrastructures. These solutions can be perfectly integrated with your existing systems...


Automatique & Industrie's solutions link obligations and restrictions of the energy sector (hydraulic dams, wind turbines, solar pannels...), to insure production, distribution, consumption optimisation, and to contribute to sustainable development...


Over the years, the engineer and technician team has been strengthened and trained to various know-how and industrial knowledge. For energy efficiency, AI proposes both skills and energy management services, on the basis of its expertise of software integrator and of industrual metering to allow you to reach your goals...